Mekia Machine: Red Lips Yellow Sash w/ Polkdots
Mekia Machine: Red Lips Yellow Sash w/ Polkdots

Mekia Machine: Red Lips Yellow Sash w/ Polkdots

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Mekia Machine
Acrylic gouache, flashe, and acrylic on paper
61 x 45.7cm (unframed)
Framed only with AR70 specialist glass

Signed by the artist
Proof of provenance is included with the artwork.

Exclusive to Smithson Gallery


"Inspired by photos I’ve taken of friends, portraiture of dualism, how the body serves to communicate the self, the feminine and masculine. I’m thinking of the Dogan people’s creation mythology of male/female, of psychoanalyst’s Carl Jung notion of femininity the “anima/animus” and the structure of our biological existence, XY chromosomes. How the body is presented defines the self, but as we tend to hide as much as we express, and being far more interested in painting the self, these portraits attempt to present femininity—masculine, playful and vibrant, what’s presented to the world as well as alluding to something hidden."

— Mekia Machine


Presented framed only in a handmade wooden frame with Anti Reflective 70% UV glass to ensure the archival qualities & depth of colour is maintained.

The artwork is float mounted and presented in a hand stained black wood frame as shown in the example image below. 


Handpainted black wood framed moulding example - Smithson Gallery


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