Frea Buckler: Parade 17
Frea Buckler: Parade 17
Frea Buckler: Parade 17

Frea Buckler: Parade 17

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Frea Buckler
Acrylic and emulsion on aluminium with matte varnish
33 x 26 x 3.5cm (framed)
Framed only in handmade limewash Obeche wood tray frame

Signed by the artist
Proof of provenance is included with the artwork.

Exclusive to Smithson Gallery


Part of Parade, Frea Buckler's collection of 24 paintings onto aluminium. 

"As I was making them, I imagined them displayed in a line, separate entities coming together to form a whole. The collection felt as important as each individual piece, which is why I called it Parade. I see them as seemingly disparate aspects from the last 18 months, gathered together and ordered, in an attempt to make sense of it.

There are melancholic and more uplifting moments but as a whole, they are hopeful and are a celebration of togetherness, which feels pertinent and necessary right now.

They are rooted in ordinary things, the stuff of our smaller lockdown lives, the details in domestic spaces and furniture, light spilling round the door frame, repeating walks in nature and the city, evening light and shadows. But also objects from the urban environment, street furniture, railings, discarded objects, road markings, van logos, signs and graphics. Architectural shapes, grids and shadows. These are the visual motifs and symbols that I have collected and put together to try and make sense of as metaphors for emotion and states of being.

- Frea Buckler, 2021

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33 x 26 x 3.5cm (framed)

Presented framed only in a handmade limewash Obeche wood tray frame (no glass, please see archival notes below), as shown in the artwork images. 

Each painting has been finished with a crystal-clear, matte finish varnish.

This is acid-free to guard against yellowing and desaturation and not only fixes the paint but also protects it against oxidation and UV light to ensure the depth of colour and archival qualities are maintained.


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