“I'm always excited to see what new artists and artworks Anna at Smithson Gallery has discovered. She has an amazing knack of seeking out quality work, that will stand the test of time.” 
Brian Milton, Collector

“We have bought a collection of original Clare Cutts screen prints, as well as limited edition prints and gifts, from the Smithson Gallery through its pop-up and online galleries. Anna Smithson and her team is professional and friendly. Service is faultless, and Anna really goes the extra mile for her clients.” 
Catherine Byatt, Collector
Sometimes you just fall in love with pieces of artwork. Rarely do you fall in love with artworks from different artists on the same day within the same gallery. But I did at Smithson Gallery. Anna's collection is full of life and light and colour, but with joyous depths. Many of the pieces are multi-layered and have something new revealed every time you look. On my first introduction to the gallery I bought a Jill Ricci, Story of a Soul. It is probably the painting I look at most in my home and every day it is new and different and more complex. I had to return the following day for a Kareem Rizk work that I just couldn't get out of my head. It fills me with joy every time I walk into my house. Much of my collection is limited-edition prints - it's fabulous to find a gallery curating so many original pieces from up and coming artists. Anna's curation is varied, vibrant and beautiful but with a through line that means if you like one of the artists you'll probably find yourself wanting to buy from all her artists.  My only issue is finding space on the walls...
Emily Kate Stephens, Collector