Upcoming releases from Jayson Lilley, Nick Grindrod and Eric Haacht this September & October 2021 online at Smithson Gallery

We have an exciting few months coming up at Smithson Gallery with some much sought after new collections on the horizon!

In mid-September, Jayson Lilley will be gracing us with a new body of work exclusive for Smithson Gallery, comprising of three new iconic London views in a dynamic new format...

We can't wait to reveal what Nick Grindrod has been working on. Nick's latest collection of paintings on plywood will be released at the end of September. 

We are excited to announce the second print release from coveted artist Eric Haacht in late October, the last before his London 2022 solo exhibition with Smithson Gallery. Printed in collaboration with Bristol-based print studio Bicep Press, there will be a very limited number available so be sure to save the date!

Keep an eye on our socials and newsletter for updates, teasers and special collector's previews, and in the meantime browse our currently available works from these fantastic artists and more!

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The new collection of 24 unique paintings on aluminium

This new collection of original works from Frea Buckler marks a significant evolution in colour palette, medium, and technique, whilst staying true to her signature style and ethos. Drawing on experiences of isolation, which fostered a state of slowness and brought minute detail into focus, Frea has worked to resist the dynamism of her usual spontaneous and fast-paced screenprinting method, whilst still retaining a sense of intuition.
Drawn to the utilitarian nature of aluminium as a surface, Frea fuses the processes of printmaking and painting, using the screen as a stencil through which she gently pushes the paint. Each piece in the collection is born out of a series of slow moves and contemplation.
Working on multiple pieces at once, she views the pieces as separate entities coming together to form a whole, capturing both the disparate aspects of her experience as well as a pertinent sense of togetherness, inspiring the title ‘Parade’. Honouring her vision of displaying the paintings in one long parade-like line, we decided to hang the works and create an exclusive film in celebration of the new collection directed & edited by Nick Scott Films.


Frea Buckler 'Parade' | The collection of 24 unique paintings on aluminium at Smithson Gallery


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