Past Exhibitions

Curated by Smithson Gallery and guest curated by Ryan Lanji, Cultural Debris took place from 18 - 24th September 2015 at Jealous Gallery, Shoreditch.
Smithson presented two new bodies of work from artists Jono Boyle & Adam Koukoudakis constructed from personal and cultural references that pushed the viewers to question their own connection with the past, present and future.
Works from Cultural Debris are now available to buy online, follow the artist links:


Adam Koukoudakis
Every Father is a Son
2 colour screen print

50 x 70cms
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Jono Boyle
Constantly Trying To Escape Being Part of History
Magazine Page, pom poms and glue
286 x 212mm

Adam Koukoudakis
This Is Here
Acrylic on canvas
115 x 85 x 4 cms
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Jono Boyle
Just What Is It?
Magazine Page and vinyl sticker 

295 x 208mm
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