Exhibition Pre-sale

Welcome to the Smithson Collector's pre-sale for Eric Haacht's London solo exhibition collection:

• The exhibition collection is available to pre-purchase now via our online checkout on a first come, first served basis.

• As we are aware not everyone can make the solo exhibition in person, we are offering a £15 discount towards your shipping costs. Please enter the code ERIC-PRESALE-SHIPPING at the checkout to redeem.

• Further details including framing options, specialist glass prices & shipping notes can be found on the product tabs on each artwork page. 

The pre-sale will run from 8pm BST Wednesday 18th May until 3pm BST on Thursday 19th May 2022:

The pre-sale will then close ahead of the private view from 6pm that evening. Any remaining artworks following the private view will be available to purchase via our main website on Friday 20th May.


Like diary entries, Eric Haacht creates paintings on a daily basis. The energy and essence of which synchronise with his circadian rhythms, as well as the ocean that ebbs and flows outside of his studio window. Initially entertaining grand notions of this collection existing as a separate entity that transcends his everyday practice, the paintings emerge instead as a continuation of the quotidian – a humble snapshot of the temporary moments and transient states of Haacht’s day-to-day existence.

In this show, twenty-three ambiguous (self) portraits dissolve into pools of vivid colour, stretched and warped by the metaphysical forces of space and time. These abstract concepts beguile the artist, and throw into question his sense of reality. These mercurial figures present not only a meditation on non-linear ontologies, but also a contemplation upon how paint as a material comes to matter. Through his paintings, Haacht explores how the medium of paint might give tangible shape to the subconscious by trapping a moment of ‘truth’. The artist embarks on a continuous chase, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive meaning of it all, something he describes as ‘always being just around the corner’.

For Haacht, as the show title suggests, this exhibition asks where and when does matter end and meaning begin, and what can the medium of paint ensnare in the process?

“My paintings are like diary entries in the sense that it is a daily practice of trying to trap my subconscious, or trying to lure it out through paint.”


Collector's Pre-sale